Calling all Culinary Minds…

We welcome all cuisines, fusions, and experimental concepts to come to life! At 709, we support you. We understand that cooking, is not just cooking – it’s a feeling, a way of life, and ingredients are more than just one thing… it’s a way for others to experience a Chef’s feelings through one taste of a spoon/ fork.  Under the roof of 709, we offer for your creativity to become subject to the hearth of the wood-fire oven, an 8-top gas range, convection ovens, a pasta extruder, a bread mixer, the humming of the robo coupe, a kitchen aide, pastry bags, dough boxes, a walk-in refrigerator, a blast freezer, garde manger station, full line in-front of gas range, and pizza station. Containers for separating ingredients, are also supplied.

If planning, on doing an a la carte menu – we can offer you the use of our ALOHA POS system for ticket items. If accepting credit cards, we too – can supply.  We have the ability for you to use our purveyors for ordering, if interested. For linens, ordering is available.

709 has outdoor tables and chairs, bar stools, high tops, 2 – 6/8 top person booths, and standard low tops to fill the dining room. The tables are of dark cherry butcher block with full 365 degree swivel brown suede chairs. Of course, we allow covering the tables with table cloths, if wanted.

All licenses & health inspections are up-to-date.  If interested in offering full bar service to your culinary event, please let us know.

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