Welcome to New Orleans… a place where dreamers, achievers, sports fans, party-goers, bachelorette & bachelor parties, and all in between collaborate to breathe life into the city.  Together with locals the creation of the New Orleans mantra comes to life, and as like Vegas… nobody asks questions!

At 709, we bring something new to the Warehouse District / C.B.D. offering a space completely customizable to making a dream come true along historic Saint Charles Avenue.


From the support of local chefs interested in hosting pop-up dinners, we offer a wood-fire oven, gas range, pasta extruder, bread mixer, ice cream machine, and much more…

For the party folk, all we ask is to bring your party hats! We can supply a full bar (mixology as a option),  if food is of interest… let us know what type of cuisine & we will work on creating a menu for your event! Of course, 709 is equipped with a sound system & a separate upstairs party room is offered (Mardi Gras/ certain dates). Decorations? Oh yes, we allow for the venue to be decorated to your party needs. And, don’t forget about the balcony overlooking Saint Charles Avenue!

If interested in hosting an event or have questions about dates, please contact us at 709Event@gmail.com

709 Saint Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70130

Warehouse District – C.B.D

Saint Charles Street Car Line Conjunction: Corner of Girod & Saint Charles


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  1. Hi, my name is John, I would love to purchase 10 passes for the reviewing stand, for Feb 7, thot and Bacchus parades and the others that day


  2. What are your accommodations for watching parades; seats, grandstands, or just standing room?


  3. Hello! I’m interested in getting a package for Sunday and/or Monday. I saw that there are different prices. What’s the all inclusive of package? I think I saw 3 different prices for each day. I bet you are busy right now. I appreciate your time. Thank you.


  4. I would like to purchase inclusive tickets for Saturday if still available.


  5. Is this space handicap accessible?


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